Policy Positions

The Chamber is seeking solutions to ballast water management in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region that are operationally and economically achievable. Find out more. 

It’s time for Pilotage Reform:

Canada’s pilotage regime is stuck in the 1970s and costs of pilotage services are out of control. CMC members urge the Minister of Transport Marc Garneau to quickly introduce and pass comprehensive legislation that will maintain safety while increasing efficiency of the pilotage system in Canada. Find out more. 

With the entire Great Lakes-St. Lawrence waterway system at 50 per cent capacity, and with St. Lawrence Seaway cargo volumes up 9 per cent in 2017, and almost 7 per cent in 2018, we have a great opportunity to build on momentum and increase the amount of goods moving by marine to relieve congestion on highways. Find out more.