Ontario Marine Council Launches On-line Presence

Updates and Engagement Now Available Online
The Ontario Marine Council (OMC) is a recently formed industry association representing major stakeholders in Ontario’s marine sectors, including Port Operators, Shipyards, Ship Owners, and the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation. Its purpose is to ensure Ontario’s marine economy realizes its full economic, environmental and social potential, and as part of that, it is working with the Government of Ontario to complete a first ever Ontario Marine Transportation Strategy.
To provide visitors with an overview of the OMC, provide a clear message on its objectives, and provide visitors with opportunity to connect with the organization, it has just launched a new website and LinkedIn account.  For those interested in finding out more, and staying up to date on the important work of the council, you can now find conveniently summarized information online at the following sources:
The Chamber of Marine Commerce (CMC) notes that one of OMC’s first advocacy events is coming up on June 6, 2023. OMC board members will be heading to Queen’s Park to meet with provincial MPPs and work towards the establishment of Ontario’s first Marine Transportation Strategy. If you would like to join them for the cocktail reception, please get in touch at info@ontariomarinecouncil.com.
The CMC congratulates the OMC on the creation of an engaging online presence, and looks forward to collaborating with the OMC as it continues to pursue its goals.