The Chamber of Marine Commerce provides a unified voice for sustainable growth of marine commerce in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, Arctic and East coasts.

The CMC community consists of a uniquely broad spectrum of marine industry stakeholders, with a bi-national membership across 20 U.S. states and all 10 Canadian provinces – the only bi-national organization of its kind focused on commercial maritime interests. We represent not only marine industry service providers, but also their customers: large industrial companies that need competitive marine systems and services in order to get goods and materiel to and from market.

Our 100+ members include:

  • Domestic and international ship owners and ship operators
  • Canadian and U.S. ports
  • Industrial shippers (esp. grain, iron ore, steel, cement, sugar, salt, coal, …)
  • The St. Lawrence Seaway
  • Terminals, elevators, and logistics companies
  • Marine service-related companies
  • Cities and municipalities and other stakeholder groups

Membership Contact

Bruce Burrows
President and CEO
Chamber of Marine Commerce
+1 613 233-8779 ext. 1


Benefits of Membership

Advocacy partner:

  • Bi-national representation by CMC through negotiations with, and presentations to federal, provincial and state government and other stakeholders on matters related to commercial marine transportation. 
  • Regular contact by CMC with Members of Parliament, Congress and political staff
  • An opportunity to participate in internal committees and/or membership surveys to review, analyze and/or provide input to industry policy positions in Canada and the United States
  • An opportunity to attend CMC’s Marine Day on the Hill reception in Ottawa with parliamentarians and industry stakeholders

Link to the marine community:

  • Opportunity to network with marine industry ‘Who’s Who’ at CMC’s Annual Marine Club Luncheon in Toronto, attended by over 200 executives, government officials and industry stakeholders
  • CMC provides a link with other marine associations from coast to coast
  • CMC advises various industrial associations and cross-border groups on marine transport related issues

Information from key industry / government advisory forums:

  • CMC participates in and provides member briefings from various industry forums, including the Canadian Marine Advisory Council (National and Regional), United States Coast Guard Marine Industry Day, Marine Advisory Board (Canadian Coast Guard), Pilotage Advisory Committees, Seaway User Committee, Transport Canada Ballast Water Working Group (co-chair), International Maritime Organization, Marine Environmental Protection Committee (Canadian Delegation)
  • CMC participation at International Maritime Organization and Marine Environmental Protection Committee meetings (Canadian Delegation)
  • Board member of the International Chamber of Shipping 

Technical and environmental expertise:

  • Marine Operations and Marine Environment Committees addressing broad range of operational, technical and environmental issues.
  • Managing Ballast Water Research and Technical Evaluation Program to develop a better understanding of aquatic invasive species risk and mitigation and assess the suitability of available ballast water treatment systems, and promising alternate technologies
  • Founding member of the Green Marine environmental program – certifying environmental excellence in the marine industry

Industry research & statistics

  • Access to economic, environmental, safety studies and other industry research organized/managed by the CMC

Public relations program:

  • CMC issues news releases on industry issues and developments and provides regular media commentary and information
  • Organizes and supports industry events – conferences, ports days, public outreach – including recommending members for speaking engagements where appropriate
  • Provides media monitoring – “Daily News Clips” to members and other subscribers
  • Showcases member news in the “Daily News Clips”, in CMC social media and as part of news releases/presentations where appropriate
  • Provides communications advice, and resources to members such as key message documents, infographics, fact sheets and presentations.
  • Provides regular ‘Issue Updates’ and ‘News Updates’ on priority issues
  • Publishes annual print edition of Marine Delivers Magazine, along with more regular electronic updates