Marine Delivers Magazine – What you need to know about shipping on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence this season

April 8, 2021– With the 2021 shipping season now in full swing, the annual Marine Delivers Magazine has been published by the Chamber of Marine Commerce. The magazine features interviews with American and Canadian port and shipping executives on their views and expectations for the year ahead, highlights the marine sector’s legislative priorities, and showcases new environmental technology and related R&D projects.

Featured articles include:

  • How the U.S. and Canada can invest in smart, post-pandemic recovery including port and waterway infrastructure, climate resiliency, high-water management, new technologies and modernizing Coast Guard icebreaking assets.
  • New carbon-busting, alternative fuel trials and ship designs by Canadian ship operators
  • Research into the use of hydrogen and port-centered technologies for decarbonization
  • A look at President Biden’s and Prime Minister Trudeau’s U.S.-Canada Partnership Roadmap and the urgent need for fair and equitable ballast water policy for domestic fleets.
  • How global demand for North American grain and new wind turbines aided the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway in a turbulent shipping season during 2020, and the Seaway’sexpectations for 2021.
  • Op-ed columns from Canadian MP Vance Badawey (Lib), Canadian Diane Griffin (CSG), and U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) on the need for bi-national cooperation and why the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway is an economic engine for both countries.

The 2021 edition of Marine Delivers Magazine is now available in flipbook on our website. Individual articles can also be found posted on


About the Chamber of Marine Commerce

The Chamber of Marine Commerce is a bi-national association that represents more than 100 marine industry stakeholders including major Canadian and American shippers, ports, terminals and marine service providers, as well as domestic Canadian and international ship owners. The Chamber advocates for safe, sustainable, harmonized and competitive policy and regulation that recognizes the marine transportation system’s significant advantages in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence, Coastal and Arctic regions.

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