CMC Marine Day on the Hill 2022

The Chamber of Marine Commerce (CMC) Day on the Hill 2022 will take place Tuesday, November 15. It will be an opportunity for CMC’s membership to meet Ottawa senior decision makers to share their views on the current state of federal policies and regulation toward marine shipping.

The CMC looks forward to discussing the newly-announced Green Corridor Framework – an initiative the CMC has been calling for this year in the Great Lakes-St Lawrence region, and one that is consistent with the Government of Canada’s objectives at COP 27. It will be a good demonstration project for the country as to how increased usage of the marine transportation mode will benefit Canadians during the energy transition towards 2050. Because marine transport is already a leader in environmentally friendly shipping, producing less CO2 per tones carried than truck or rail, it only makes sense for the Canadian supply chain to increase its utilization and make the most out of the Great Lakes and St Lawrence waterway.

With industries around the country and internationally working toward producing and using renewable energies and green fuels, including hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, biodiesel and LNG, the Canadian marine sector is well positioned to be a key component of this evolving supply chain. Much has already been accomplished by Canadian operators, who aim to have their vessels eventually run on green energy in order to reach their goal of operating at net zero by 2050, as well as using these ships to safely transport this green energy as cargo to national and international markets.

The Chamber of Marine Commerce will also use this opportunity to voice its support for the recent recommendations of the Supply Chain Task Force. The report demonstrated the right direction, but there is still much action to be contemplated, as we are of the opinion that the marine components of the national supply chain are crucial for this country’s security and economic prosperity. The CMC would like to see the federal government act upon the Task Force recommendations, such as establishing a National Supply Chain Secretariat, to coordinate efforts to build a more resilient and efficient supply chain; increase the CBSA capacity to process cargo, including adding sufferance warehouses in the Great Lakes and allowing containers to be transported via vessels in short sea shuttle services; provide ongoing resources to the marine transportation sector to train and recruit more Canadians; and increase Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada capacity to welcome new Canadians to the labour force.


Bruce Burrows, President and CEO, Chamber of Marine Commerce: said “It is with great pleasure that we renew our collective efforts for members to meet officials once again with the traditional Marine Day on the Hill event. We look forward to fruitful exchanges with public officials as we continue to reduce the environmental impacts of shipping.”

“Marine transportation is ready to partner with government as well as rail and trucking partners, to increase supply chain visibility and efficiency while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.” said Terence F. Bowles, President and CEO of the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation.


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The Chamber of Marine Commerce is a bi-national association that represents more than 100 marine industry stakeholders including major Canadian and American shippers, ports, terminals, and marine service providers, as well as domestic and international ship owners. The Chamber advocates for safe, sustainable, harmonized, and competitive policy and regulation that recognizes the marine transportation system’s significant advantages in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence, Coastal and Arctic regions. Follow the Chamber of Marine Commerce on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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