McKeil’s Canadian expertise in action

Burlington-based McKeil Marine’s project services support marine construction, mining, oil and gas, bridge work, major infrastructure, offshore and Arctic development. For example, McKeil Marine was contracted by Canadian Royalties Inc. to use their collective resources of in-house design, engineering, project management and a skilled sailing crew to setup a temporary dock along a remote Arctic shoreline. The Nunavik Nickel mine and its port located in Deception Bay, on the Arctic coast of Quebec, are challenged by a rugged shoreline without any permanent dock infrastructure. An arrangement using the barge Nunavut Spirit, using spuds and shore anchors along with a ramp capable of accommodating tidal changes, served as the staging dock for loading bagged cargo aboard two ocean going vessels.

The vessels docked along the stern of the barge with the aid of a support tug and work boat for ship assist and line service. Having to adapt to weather conditions and a limited window for equipment delivery and site setup, McKeil provided infrastructure, engineering design, project management and supported cargo operations.