ship crews wearing masks during the pandemic

Marine Shipping: Setting a Course for Canada's Economic Recovery

The Chamber of Marine Commerce and its members have played a vital role in Canada throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that the marine supply chain is still moving goods within Canada, to the United States, and to international markets.

Our work as an essential industry has ensured that grains are being used to make bread, pastas, and other foods to feed Canadians, that municipal supplies have enough salt for next winter, and that aggregates and other construction materials are transported to build critical infrastructure during this time.

But we know that the work does not stop here, and that the recovery of Canada’s economy will take time. That’s why the Chamber has developed a post-COVID recovery proposal to improve safety and efficiency of marine transportation and at the same time create jobs, boost our trade potential and protect the environment. The marine mode offers critical public interest benefits, and these proposals will help strengthen the supply chain and set Canada up for a prosperous, innovative and sustainable future.

Our Proposals for a Sustainable Recovery

  • Building our shipbuilding capacity at home to strengthen the Canadian Coast Guard
  • Investing in innovations to reduce GHG and other pollutant air emissions in marine transport
  • Expanding and doubling the National Trade Corridor Fund for transportation infrastructure investments
  • Modernizing navigational technology and services
  • Better protection for the North Atlantic right whales
  • Building climate resiliency into marine infrastructure
  • Focused R&D into better ballast water treatment measures