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Man collects trash from Seabin

The Seabin invention is changing the way PortsToronto and Port of Hamilton are cleaning up harbours


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Captain Jim Ryan

COVID-19 stories: Interview with Captain James Ryan

Aboard the CSL Assiniboine, the crew of 22 are hard at work delivering Western Prairie grain from the Port of Thunder Bay. As a domestic Laker, the vessel sails within the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region and on this particular trip will transport canola to Quebec, where it will be transloaded onto an ocean-going vessel to be exported overseas. Grain has been in high demand across the world as consumers and countries stock up on food staples during the pandemic.

Captain Ray Davis on the bridge of the tugboat Sharon M

COVID-19 Stories: Interview with Captain Ray Davis

It isn’t easy to social distance on a tug. The Sharon M, just under 35 metres long, regularly pushes a barge carrying cargo — on this trip loaded with steel coils and plates from Algoma Steel in Sault Ste. Marie destined for U.S. cities for auto production.

Marine shipping labour shortages spreading

Labour and skills shortages have become an acute problem in the Canadian marine sector. Industry leaders are now launching new initiatives to attract the next generation of workers.