Prosperity Place: Port Windsor’s Outdoor Marine Museum

September 26, 2019.

Port Windsor has unveiled the name of its new outdoor marine museum – Prosperity Place, in celebration of International Maritime Day.

The Town Crier called the children of General Brock Public School and the community itself to gather at this new destination for the official opening. Elders from the Walpole first Nation performed a smudging ceremony to purify the space and recognize the historic connection to this area by several first nations.

Literally anchored by an anchor, the new outdoor space is adjacent to the offices of Port Windsor in Old Sandwich Towne, and tells the story of marine trade and commerce for over 10,000 years at this very location.

“For more than 10,000 years, the First nations of what is now Canada and the USA gathered at this location to trade agriculture and wares with each other. In 1701, the first French explorers immediately began trade for food and animal pelts with the indigenous peoples that began a 300-year story of trade and export from what is now Port Windsor. The name Prosperity Place captures that what began 10,000 years ago, today creates over 2,300 jobs locally, and exports local product around the globe, and imports the raw materials and manufactured goods that support our local economy.”

(Steve Salmons, President and CEO, Windsor Port Authority)

Prosperity Place was designed to enhance the Sandwich community with an attraction that not only tells the story of how Sandwich, and eventually Windsor, grew out of marine trade and commerce, but also creates a safe, inviting location as a community gathering place.

There is a performance plaza where the Windsor Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet played earlier this week during Open Streets. Benches and shade trees provide solace for comfort and relaxation. Large murals and story boards throughout Prosperity Place trace the history of marine commerce from the first nations, through European settlement, industrialization of the 1800 and 1900’s, and the modern port that is Port Windsor today.

The project was partially made possible by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation through Port Windsor’s partner, the Sandwich Teen Action Group (STAG).

“Prosperity Place provides a free community history and Port educational learning experience where the public can gather to enjoy at their leisure.”

(John Elliott, Executive Director, Sandwich Teen Action Group)

Background: Port Windsor

Ontario’s third largest port, each year the Port Authority receives more than 600 ships, delivering more than 5 million tonnes of aggregate, salt, steel and grain to Windsor-Essex, and ports across the Great Lakes, and into Europe. It also hosts Ontario’s largest ship fueling depot. The Windsor Port Authority is a federal Corporation under the Marine Act (1999) as one of just 18 national ports established to promote the growth, competitiveness and prosperity of Canada’s economy.

Background: Sandwich Teen Action Group

STAG is a community-based organization that provides educational and recreational programs to at-risk youth enabling them to find support, cope with problems to lead healthy lifestyles.

For further information, please contact:

Steve Salmons
President and CEO
Windsor Port Authority
O: 519-258-5741 x212
M: 226-345-6703

John Elliott
Executive Director
Sandwich Teen Action Group
O: 519-254-6999
M: 519-792-7854