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Tata Steel

Ontario, Ohio and Indiana

What do consumer batteries have to do with Great Lakes shipping? 

Almost every week, Tata Steel transports steel materials from its European manufacturing plants through the Great Lakes-Seaway System to serve its key North American customers. 

Some of these products are used in the automotive industry — for example, toward reducing the weight of vehicles and making them more fuel-efficient.  Others are for the manufacture of food cans.

Some of these steel materials are destined for Tata Steel’s Thomas Steel Strip facility in Warren, Ohio, where they are further processed into the components of all U.S.-made alkaline batteries. 

Through its acquisition of Corus Steel in 2007, Tata Steel now operates three facilities in the Great Lakes region.  Its other two facilities are Cogent Power Inc., in Burlington, Ontario which designs and manufactures types of steel used to produce transformers, generators and motors; and Kalzip Inc., of Michigan City, Indiana which offers innovative building envelope solutions.

These plants have depended on cost-efficient and reliable marine transport through the Great Lakes-Seaway since the 1960s.

As Stephen Wilkes, a senior executive with Tata Steel, puts it: “The Great Lakes-Seaway System provides Tata Steel with the most direct access to Canadian and U.S. heartland customers.  Not only Tata Steel, but also our customers have great confidence invested in it.”