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Reverend Tom Anderson


Twin Ports Ministry to Seafarers
Duluth, Minnesota
5 years in the Industry


As a pastor for 24 years, Tom Anderson was adept at addressing the spiritual and temporal needs of his congregation.  Intrigued by the Seafarers Center in Duluth, Anderson brought his youth groups there to learn more about the lives of mariners and the church’s ministry. When there was an opening for a part-time director, he applied and began service. The position grew, and for the past five years this has been his sole ministry.

“On a daily basis I am responsible for a wide-ranging array of tasks, from coordinating the volunteers, to program planning, to ship visits, to working with youth groups on their summer mission trips. Additionally, I interpret the mission and goals of the Center to the larger community. Ecumenical since 1969, we currently have 120 congregations that serve as ministry partners to the Center. Their involvement is one of our strengths.”

With a group of about 40 volunteers, and eight people who form his core staff, the Center provides much needed services for the thousands of mariners who visit the area on ships every year. Those services include access to clergy as well as recreation, donated clothing, transportation around the city, and other services like phone cards and Wi-Fi portals. Anderson speaks highly of his volunteers. “The Center could not exist without them. They are vital to ensuring the varying needs of those who come to the Twin Ports are met.”

“I enjoy the daily opportunity to offer a basic friendship ministry to our international visitors, and getting other people involved in the work. The volunteers find there is a two-way benefit to their efforts. Every day there are positive experiences.”

Reverend Anderson’s vision has advanced the Center as an integral part of the Twin Ports community.