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David Casey

Pipe Fitter Supervisor

Bay Shipbuilding Company
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
12 years in the Industry

David Casey photo.jpg

When looking for a job, sometimes it is what you know; sometimes it is who you know. In David Casey’s situation, it was a little of both. Spike Birmingham worked with Casey’s father from 1978-1988 and when Casey applied for a position at Bay Shipbuilding in 1999, Birmingham hired him and served as his mentor. It was exactly what Casey needed.  “Spike asked me about my future goals. I had never thought about them before. Because of his encouragement, I graduated from the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in 2001.”

That education and the hands-on training Casey received from the more experienced workers led to a promotion to Lead Man after six years on the job. Overseeing a crew of workers, studying the plans for a job, and problem solving were skills that Casey honed, along with a healthy work ethic. In January 2011, he was promoted again – to Pipe Fitter Supervisor – a position that builds on his past experience. “I really like what I do. The job is very flexible which allows me to be creative.  There’s not a lot of oversight by the company; you’re trusted to do your job.” 

As the supervisor of 40 people, Casey is responsible for hiring employees, meeting with vendors, ordering supplies, and planning the week – what projects are coming up and determining which teams would be best for each job. “Every day I set goals and I work hard to achieve them. I am proud of the work I do and I try to promote that attitude to the people I work with.”

For the married father of a toddler and a newborn, the future looks bright.