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Julia Fields
Director of Communications
Chamber of Marine Commerce
350 Sparks, Suite 700
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1R 7S8
T: 613–233–8779
C: 613–294–8515

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US Press Photos

Loading grain onto a Polsteam ship, Miedwie, at the Gavilon Grain Terminal in Superior, Wisconsin. (Port of Duluth/Superior)

Great Lakes Fleet self-unloading vessel, John G. Munson, discharging coal at the Graymont, Wisconsin terminal in Superior. (Port of Duluth/Superior)

Wind turbine components offloading at the Port of Indiana Burns Harbor. (Ports of Indiana)

Cargo unloading at the Port of Milwaukee. (Port of Milwaukee)

Canada Press Photos

Algoma Central Corporation's newest ship, the Algoma Mariner, arrived in August 2011 to trade in the Great Lakes-Seaway system. (Thies Bognor)

Loading grain using two spouts onto the Federal Rideau. (Fednav Group)

Federal Yukina at FMT Terminal at the Port of Hamilton. It had just unloaded industrial slag. (Fednav Group)

Aerial of Welland Canal Lock 4,5,6 - Credit - The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation.

Welland Canal Lock 2 - Photo Credit - The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation.

The CSL vessel the Birchglen transporting Vectora wind turbine cargo on Lake Ontario. (CSL 2nd engineer Willem van Maanen)

CSL's Salarium unloads salt from the Magdalen Islands at Valleyfield, QC. (Jean Brosseau)

The Wilf Seymour, which is owned by Hamilton-based McKeil Marine, is an ATB tug that fits into the barge Alouette Spirit. (McKeil Marine)

The Kaministiquia, a Lower Lakes Towing vessel, trades on the Great Lakes-Seaway. (Lower Lakes Towing)

Canada Steamship Lines' newest ship, the Baie St. Paul, arrived in December 2012 to trade in the Great Lakes-Seaway region. (Paul Dionne)

B-roll Videos

Aerial Great Lakes-Seaway Ship


Download video (.zip file - 55MB)

Aerial Townline Tunnel Welland Canal Ship


Download video (.zip file - 109MB)

Canadian Ship in Beauharnois Lock


Download video (.zip file - 87MB)

Canadian Ship in St. Lawrence Seaway

(Near Beauharnois Lock)

Download video (.zip file - 68MB)

Canadian Ships & Lock Workers


Download video (.zip file - 43MB)

New York State Locks

(Eisenhower and Snell)

Download video (.zip file - 32MB)

Ships Carrying and Unloading Cargo


Download video (.zip file - 70MB)

Ships Traveling Us


Download video (.zip file - 49MB)