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Canadian Wheat Board

Winnipeg, Canada

On behalf of western farmers, the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) ships around 3.5 million metric tons of wheat from the Port of Thunder Bay through the Great Lakes-Seaway System to overseas markets every year.  Prairie wheat shipped through the Seaway is used for food staples like pasta in Italy, couscous in Morocco and bread in England.

The CWB is the largest shipper of agricultural products on the Seaway and recently demonstrated a further commitment to the system by becoming shipowners for the first time in its 75-year history.

The CWB invested $65 million (CAD) to purchase two, new state-of-the-art Equinox vessels that will be dedicated to trading on the Great Lakes-Seaway system. These ships will be managed by bulk carrier company Algoma Central.  The investment allows farmers to “be at the helm” and better control freight transportation costs.  They will also benefit from more efficient grain movement through a renewed fleet that carries more cargo, sails faster and consumes less fuel.

Ian White, president of the Canadian Wheat Board, says: “Simply put, the Seaway is vital to the livelihood of western Canadian farmers. Thanks to the Seaway, farmers have cost-effective, timely access to major markets in Europe, Africa and Latin America.  Our projections show increasing demand from these areas in the coming years, and our volumes through the Seaway are likely to rise accordingly.”