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ArcelorMittal - USA

Burns Harbor, Indiana

As the world’s leading steel company, ArcelorMittal has operations in more than 60 countries spanning four continents. Their United States headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois with port facilities at Burns Harbor, Indiana and Cleveland, Ohio.  

In 2010, ArcelorMittal realized crude steel production of 90.6 million tons, representing approximately 8 percent of the world steel output. On the Great Lakes, 30 million net tons of raw steel are shipped annually. Neighboring states supply the raw materials needed for steel production: iron ore, limestone and coal.

The steel is mostly flat-rolled steel which has a higher strength, but a thinner gauge and is used for appliances, automobiles, and office furniture. Steel plate becomes heavy equipment.

“The ArcelorMittal facilities on the Great Lakes exist because of the ports. The ports are central to our continued existence, and the low cost water transportation truly benefits our business model and allows us to pass on those savings to our buyers,” explained Daniel Cornillie, manager, of marine and raw material logistics in Indiana.

“We are heavily dependent on water transportation since we are bulk shippers. We have contracts with virtually all the vessel operators on both sides of the border in order to efficiently and safely move our product. The integrated steel business ArcelorMittal conducts on the Great Lakes is tied to nearly 10,000 direct jobs.”

“The competition for rail service is marine – not trucks. In order to keep costs down and to continue to be competitive, ships provide the perfect solution. With rail we’ve encountered constraints with car availability, power and switching issues. Shipping is cleaner, faster and more efficient. ArcelorMittal benefits every time from the marine industry on the Great Lakes and the access through the St. Lawrence Seaway to our foreign clients.”