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About Us

The Chamber of Marine Commerce (CMC) is a bi-national association that represents more than 130 marine industry stakeholders including: 

  • Domestic and international ship owners and ship operators
  • Canadian and U.S. ports
  • Industrial shippers (esp. grain, iron ore, steel, cement, sugar, salt, coal, ...)
  • The St. Lawrence Seaway
  • Terminals, elevators, and logistics companies
  • Marine-related companies

The Chamber advocates for safe, sustainable, harmonized and competitive policy and regulation that recognizes the marine transportation system's significant advantages in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence, Coastal and Arctic regions. 

The marine industry is vital to our prosperity by enabling efficient trade within North America and around the world. As the safest, most efficient and environmentally smart method of carrying bulk freight, the increased use of marine transportation alleviates highway congestion, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is a vital catalyst to overall economic prosperity.

CMC membership is unique

The CMC represents not only marine industry service providers, but also their customers: large industrial companies that need competitive marine systems and services in order to get goods and materiel to and from market. So the CMC community consists of a uniquely broad spectrum of marine industry stakeholders and, through this unique, inclusive membership base, provides respected advocacy for marine related issues with a national perspective. CMC also offers a bi-national perspective with a membership base that includes both Canadian and U.S. organizations, ... the only bi-national organization of its kind.

CMC Membership (pdf)

CMC Staff

Bruce R. Burrows
Biography (PDF)

Vice-President, Operations
Robert Turner
Biography (PDF)

Senior Director, Government and Stakeholder Relations
Sarah Douglas

Director, Regulatory and Environmental Affairs
Paul Topping

Director of Communications
Julia Fields

Administrative Assistant
Linda Jeannotte

CMC Board of Directors

CMC's Board is comprised of industry leaders from the various sector stakeholder companies that make up the Chamber of Marine Commerce.

CMC's Board of Directors can be downloaded here.

Privacy Policy

CMC's privacy policy can be downloaded here.